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Money and ticket counters can give casino cashiers the help they need

Money and ticket counters can give casino cashiers the help they need

The role of a casino cashier can be strenuous to say the least, but money and ticket counters can help.

Casino cashiers must greet customers, take their tickets and exchange them for cash. Of course, any casino that offers slot machines will also have its cashiers dealing with coins, something that can be very time-consuming.

"People would come to our cashier cage with full bags of coin," Eddie Montes, cash operations manager for the premier Morongo Casino, Resort and Spa told Cummins Allison. "Processing it was an operational disruption that also produced customer relations problems. Solving those problems was a must."

It's situations like these that make the right money and ticket counters essential for streamlined business at casinos, especially when you consider how many Americans are visiting these businesses each year. The American Gaming Association reported that as recently as 2012, national gross gaming revenues reached the second-highest level in history.

Helping cashiers helps casinos
By implementing the right money counting technology, casinos can reduce the workload for cashiers, which in turn relieves stress and gives them more time to provide customers with excellent service.

However, the benefits don't stop there. Shannon Souza, vault manager at Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino, recounted to Cummins Allison that use of the JetScan iFX multi-pocket machine resulted in notes being counted at 1,600 per minute, a vast improvement over 600 per minute on the business's older equipment.

Additionally, the ability to count cash, checks and tickets all on a single device offers even more opportunity to streamline processes.

The JetScan iFX family of products can read and image tickets and cash at up to 1,200 documents per minute, using bard code recognition to separate cash from tickets to get a total count for both. Checks can also be processed at 400 items per minute.

In short, these counters can make the tasks of cashiers much less arduous, which boosts productivity, saves time and money, and translates to better customer service for casino visitors.

September 30, 2014