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Money and ticket counters automate casino operations

Money and ticket counters automate casino operations

Money and ticket counters are the heart of casinos, keeping the gaming centers running. Without them, operations can be slow and costly, and bookkeeping can be inaccurate. Fortunately, automating these processes reduces labor requirements, mistakes and time. Here's a look at the different equipment your casino needs and how it can improve your bottom line:

A suite of money and ticket counters

Money and ticket counters should be in several areas of your establishment, including the exchange counter and vault. Of course, each of these stations has different needs. In the former, employees work directly with patrons, exchanging tickets and currency. In the latter, your staff counts all of the bills that came in throughout the day and prepares them for deposit.

Exchange counters
Quickly process bills and pay out customers with the help of money and ticket counters. You can install machines that process bills and tickets simultaneously and checks on the same machine to further reduce time and labor costs. Because currency counters are compact, they won't take up a lot of space in your exchange counter but will still ensure accuracy across your business. What's more, the scanners will sort these currency types for you and produce a total. With ease of use and saved time, money and ticket counters may improve both customer and employee satisfaction.

Your vault staff has to process large quantities of currency every day, which means you need money counters that can handle the load. The Jet iFX family from Cummins Allison features the option for up to nine pockets, allowing you to count money as quickly as you need to. In fact, the Jet iFX machines can count 1,200 bills and tickets and 400 checks per minute. Don't keep staff late to count at the end of the day - end shifts on time and help eliminate overtime using Cummins Allison's money and ticket counters.

Imaging and deposits
In addition to choosing the money and ticket counter size you need, you can also receive features that help all areas of your casino's financial operations. For starters, the Jet iFX suite takes images of your tickets so you can have the files for accounting purposes. Similarly, the system takes serial code images of cash bills. Finally, the Jet iFX suite can directly deposit checks made to your casino, so your money gets posted to your account sooner. All of these features save you time and protect your business by keeping records of the items you process.

February 23, 2017