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Maximize seasonal efficiency with cash counter machines

As retailers look for ways to take advantage of holiday shopping trends, cash and check scanners can help managers and employees reduce the amount of time it takes to perform back office financial tasks at the end of the day.

There is little rhyme or reason to what specific products will drive in the most sales during year-end holiday shopping sprees. In most cases, retailers simply rely on the ability to closely examine consumer trends and adjust their strategies accordingly. A recent article published in the online global economics publication Quartz said many businesses throughout the U.S. have found an especially lucrative opportunity this year in offering festive holiday sweaters due to the rising popularity in themed parties during the winter months. In fact, the publication said the most recent data in regard to the number of search queries entered on Google with the term "Christmas sweater" have skyrocketed in 2013 compared to previous years.

According to Fox Business, retailers can substantially increase holiday sales by offering seasonal products that are only available for a limited time. Not only will this strategy make it more likely to attract gift shoppers, but it also provides an additional method for getting more fiscally conservative consumers through the door. Kristen Bentz, CEO of the advisory firm Talented Blonde, told Fox Business companies must make special efforts to target new shoppers in today's economy.

Leveraging seasonal products during the holidays will likely lead to a sharp increase in short-term sales. As a result, managers may need to set aside more time to count cash at the end of the business day. However, investing in advanced cash counter machines can allow retailers to perform these tasks in considerably less time than any manual process. 

December 16, 2013