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Make employees happy by keeping the cash and check counting process simple

Back office technology, such as dual purpose cash and check scanners, not only improves business productivity, but can also help managers create a more positive work environment.

Employees at organizations in any industry often struggle to perform time-consuming tasks they deem unrelated to their overall job descriptions. According to Entrepreneur magazine, finding a way to delegate these responsibilities or otherwise make them easier in the long run is one of the most effective strategies for achieving real enterprise growth. Both managers and the staff members they supervise appreciate the ability to come to work every day and do something they enjoy. Anything else has the potential to damage overall productivity.

The technology company Philips compiled data about the many factors that motivate Americans in the workplace. The organization found 96 percent of those who participated in the survey are happy when they are able to apply their own interests to daily tasks. These same values hold true for individuals in most generations.

Most firms have a variety of responsibilities that require a substantial amount of time-consuming work. For example, stores that accept a large volume of cash and check transactions must frequently have employees manually count the register at the end of the day. When these workers feel they would rather be doing something else, morale can suffer, and managers may have a harder time getting basic tasks completed. In these cases, the introduction of technology into the back office can become a boon to the company. With a dual purpose cash and check counter, this previously stressful process is made much easier. Similarly, employees will suddenly find themselves with more time to dedicate to the procedures they most enjoy doing. This unique combination of productivity and higher morale will plant the seeds for continued growth in the long run. 

January 27, 2014