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Maintain customer satisfaction in grocery stores with self-service coin counters

Any grocery store that hopes to be successful must prioritize customer satisfaction, and self-service coin counters are integral to this process. According to Progressive Grocer, this year's American Customer Satisfaction Index revealed supermarkets registered their lowest score in more than 10 years of ACSI studies, dropping 3.9 percent this year. As the study revealed, Wegmans Food Markets was one of only three food retailers to improve customer satisfaction indexes. All others saw lower scores compared to last year.

As David VanAmburg, ACSI managing director, pointed out, consumers today care a lot about service and quality, two areas where smaller independent chains seem to perform better.

Self-service coin counters benefit shoppers

One way food retailers can increase satisfaction in their stores is by investing in technology that makes shopping experiences more convenience, such as self-service coin counters. This technology helps stores stand out among the competition, makes guest experiences more pleasant and may even lead to shoppers spending their converted currency in-store. As more consumers choose smaller retailers over larger grocery chains, it is essential to give those shoppers access to added features and conveniences, and as a result, greater incentive to visit stores.

April 18, 2016