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Local governments can do more with less using dual purpose cash, check scanners

Local governments can do more with less using dual purpose cash, check scanners

Municipalities have it in their best interest to keep their back-office processes as efficient as possible, and dual purpose cash and check scanners may be just the solution. Most local government agencies handle a large volume of either cash or checks on a daily basis. Whether it's through parking tickets, annual tax payments or other transactions, the constant need to deposit checks or count currency can take a significant amount of time on any given day. That's why investing in automated tools that can easily complete both processes is a smart decision in the long term.

Eliminating waste from back-office operations will become especially important as local governments take on new roles amid advancements in technology. A recent article from The Spectator, a news publication based in the United Kingdom, argued that cities in the U.S. are quickly earning a reputation as organizations that are able to truly get things done and influence public policy. Completing work at the municipal level is often much faster than it is at the federal level, mostly because the entities in the former category are leaner and more efficient. Cities can ensure they live up to these reputations by utilizing automated and dual purpose cash and check scanners to reduce the time it takes to process money on a daily basis.

These tools will also be important in making it easier for employees to get more work done in shorter time periods. According to The Atlantic, many countries are experimenting with having municipal employees work six-hour days to improve quality of life and enhance productivity. Such decisions may appear to be effective on paper, but they will only work if organizations have the technology necessary to actually complete tasks in less time. 

April 21, 2014