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Limit overhead costs at supermarkets with dual purpose check and cash scanners

Limit overhead costs at supermarkets with dual purpose check and cash scanners

Supermarket managers are often looking for ways to make their daily operations more efficient, and dual purpose cash and check scanners offer a particularly effective solution. When employees at these establishments are required to put in long hours manually counting currency or depositing checks, it usually becomes harder to keep other aspects of the business running as smoothly as possible. These firms can benefit from utilizing one machine that can easily perform all of these tasks.

John Ferretti, CEO of the Delaware-based retail merchandising firm Foxfire Printing, wrote in Progressive Grocer magazine about the close relationship between operational complexity and overhead costs. The more steps staff members have to take to get their jobs done, the harder it can be for supermarkets to generate sustainable revenue levels in the long run. Ferretti pointed out that running a successful store requires managers and employees to pay full attention to issues such as marketing, pricing and how products are displayed throughout the aisles of the establishment. Adding time-consuming back office tasks on top of this can lead to an overwhelming amount of work - especially for organizations with only a handful of employees.

A recent report from the research company IBISWorld examined the unpredictable revenue trends in the food services industry as of late. The organization said low price mark-ups have contributed to a steady decline in profit margins over the last five years. However, as consumer spending rates pick up, shoppers may be more interested in treating themselves to more expensive goods. Either way, taking advantage of efficiency-boosting tools such as cash and check scanners will protect businesses from unnecessary overhead costs. An automated machine that performs multiple functions is a positive addition to any firm's set of back office tools. 

February 10, 2014