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LEOs identify, sort counterfeit bills confidently with money counters

Money counters provide a valuable tool for law enforcement organizations combating the serious problems caused by counterfeiters. Despite the gains made on the local, state and federal levels in terms of stopping counterfeiting efforts, there will always be a criminal element that attempts to create, distribute and use fraudulent currency. Effective measures of prevention and response involve a number of resources, and there's one device that can bolster those efforts. Every law enforcement group can benefit from using money counters to create stronger chains of custody, ensure accurate recordkeeping and save significant amounts of time in the process.

Missouri counterfeiting case relates to ongoing concerns

Counterfeit bills can appear nearly anywhere at almost any time. No matter the municipality or other region served by a law enforcement organization, the possibility for criminals attempting to pass fraudulent currency exists. A recent example of a counterfeiting case comes from Springfield, Missouri, where a man was recently indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of using close to $10,000 in illegally created $100 dollar bills over the course of two years, according to local news source The purchases affected a number of businesses in that area, from big box stores to discount vendors and other local companies.

According to local news provider Area Wide News, the man was arrested in April, following his repeated use of counterfeit bills at an area retailer. An alert employee recognized the suspect and a call was made to the Missouri State Police. The man falsified his identity via a fake ID and initially claimed to be from New Zealand prior to the arrest. He also had a counterfeiting operation set up in a mobile trailer, including various paraphernalia for scrubbing $1 bills and subsequently reproducing the pattern of $100 bills on the scrubbed notes. After investigation, authorities found the man had previous convictions for forgery and passing counterfeit currency, among others.

For any counterfeiting incident, effective management of evidence is a critical component of building a case against the suspect. Money counters offer a number of advantages to law enforcement organizations, automating many of the tasks related to counting and organizing forged currency and ensuring a high level of accuracy in recording that information. Using a money counter frees up valuable time for officers and ensures a high standard of evidence quality.

September 2, 2016