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Leap day increases casino revenues, demonstrates need for money and ticket counters

Leap days mean extra revenues for casinos and a greater need for money and ticket counters. According to World Casino News, the state of Nevada took in an extra 8.1 percent revenue during February thanks to increased tourism and a leap-day calendar and an additional day of the month. Casinos in Nevada brought in profits of $990 million for the month. Because of this tourism spike, money and ticket counters are growing in importance as a solution for casinos to keep up with the constant influx of guests.

Nevada casinos are thanking not only the extra leap day but the Super Bowl for a revenue increase as well. According to World Casino News, football wagers accounted for one percent of total gambling revenues in 2016 thus far. Although this is a small number, it drives the need for money counters because wagers are often placed in cash. Nevada casinos can expect to see spikes in profits throughout March and April thanks to the World Series of Poker and other local events.

Money and ticket counters fill the gaps

Although extra calendar days and football games can helps casino turn a profit, they are not the main sources of revenue that keep them thriving. Rather, it is the effective use of technology and efficient processes that help bring back guests. Money and ticket counters play an important role in helping casinos create efficient processes and customer service for guests.

These machines improve productivity and accuracy beyond human error. As more customers come to visit the ever-improving casino industry, ticket volumes increase in turn. Money and ticket counters automate many aspects of the process and ultimately save businesses thousands of dollars by avoiding employee errors. Money and ticket counters also increase returns on investment for casino owners. Counters also allow casino managers and employees the opportunity to accurately retrieve digitally stored ticket data at any time of day.

Ultimately, this technology has a positive impact on employee satisfaction. Ticket counting can prove to be a labor-intensive task that requires plenty of training and plenty of repetition. By eliminating or greatly reducing time spent on tasks like counting tickets and money, casino managers can place employees in positions that require a human touch like customer service. By providing customers with greater customer experience, casinos are more likely to see returning guests and increased profits.

May 13, 2016