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Law enforcement: The importance of managing cash seizures correctly

JetScan iFX i100 i200 money counter for law enforcement cash documentation faster

Faster, easier, and more affordable money counter for law enforcement cash documentation

Police departments are dealing with an epidemic of opioid drugs on the streets, more than ever before. Last year, the CDC reported some 72,000 deaths due to drug overdoses. More than 32,000 of those were directly linked to fentanyl and fentanyl analogs, which are opioids. The drugs are becoming stronger and more deadly with alarming speed, and law enforcement needs all hands on deck to fight this growing and deadly epidemic.

It's crucial that law enforcement process and handle seized cash quickly and efficiently, but in the past, that part of the job has been time-consuming and fraught with human error. Hand counting and sorting bills, hand recording serial numbers, and other cash management processes have been an issue for law enforcement. Those bills must be counted and sorted — police departments require it. It helps law enforcement track down where those bills came from, and helps to trace illegal transactions. But, done by hand, this part of the process has taken a lot of time, and a lot of manpower.

There's also the issue of information sharing. Oftentimes with larger drug cases, it's not just one department that's affected, but many. So sharing that hand-processed information required faxing or physically mailing the info to other departments — another time lag in the process.

That's why law enforcement needs a cash documentation money counter solution specifically with law enforcement in mind.

Features geared toward law enforcement include:

Speed. Processing 1,200 bills per minute, capturing bill image and serial numbers.

Information sharing. Ability to turn the information into PDF files that can be emailed to other agencies or placed directly into evidence.

Mixed bill documenting. Providing a breakdown of bills and their denomination.

Counterfeit detection. Helps police catch the highest tech counterfeits out there.

Memory. Officers can compare batches to find any commingled bills.

Get the right money counter for processing seized and buy money faster to get personnel back out on the streets.

December 28, 2018