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Latest Credit Union Satisfaction Index reinforces value of service

Credit unions continue to be a popular choice among Americans. Despite the growing popularity of online banking services, in-store branch visits are an important element in member satisfaction. Whether individuals are utilizing self-service coin counting machines or are seeking consultation with knowledgeable representatives, Americans place a high value on a quality banking experience.

In fact, the latest data from the Credit Union Satisfaction Index, which is compiled quarterly by the research organization CFI Group, reinforces the fact that many credit unions across the U.S. are outperforming other financial institutions in their ability to deliver quality service. According to Credit Union Insight, an online news publication, the index measured 88 units in Q3. A combination of in-store visits and valuable online tools make up a majority of the most significant access points individuals have with their member organizations.

While the Q3 CUSI was actually 2.2 percent lower than the previous quarter's measurement, credit unions across the nation continue to rank higher in overall service quality compared to larger financial institutions.

Credit unions can continue satisfying their members by keeping a strong balance between both in-store and online offerings. The ability to access a self-service coin counter is a convenience many members value.

December 2, 2013