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Largest San Diego Border seizure shows need for cash counters

Safety in border zones is paramount, as hundreds of cars and bodies pass through daily, and efficiency is key to achieving that ideal in a fast-paced environment. Seizures are not uncommon n such law enforcement environments, and cash illegally moving in and out of the country represents a real risk. This all underpins the need for effective cash counters that can accurately process large seizures, just like the most recent bust made in San Diego.

$3 million seizure largest in sector history

U.S. Border Patrol recovered more than $3 million in cash from two cars the agency alleges were transporting the money over the border illegally. The incident happened in Escondido in the San Diego sector when an officer pulled over a Kia after suspecting it was driving in tandem with a Volkswagen. That Volkswagen did speed away after the other car was pulled over, but was later found in a residential area near where the stop was made. Agents found $33,880 dollars in the centerboard of the Kia, and $3,018,000 from the trunk of the Volkswagen. Two suspects were arrested on suspected currency smuggling and turned over to Homeland Security.

Authorities said the seizure of the more than $3 million was one of extreme consequence.

"This amount of money represents the largest currency seizure ever in San Diego Sector," said Chief Patrol Agent Richard A. Barlow.  "The hard work and perseverance demonstrated by the involved agents was essential for this outcome."

The San-Diego Union Times quoted a border patrol agent as saying bands of $100, $20, $10, $1 bills were included in the total confiscation.

Seizure reports must be accurate, cash counters effective

The fact that even the smallest denomination of bills was used gives notice to law enforcement agencies that tallies must be ordered and exact. This task is nearly impossible without the use of effective cash counters, and given the magnitude of seizures like the one in San Diego, the equipment may never be more needed.

December 9, 2016