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Keep shoppers in-store with self-service coin counters

Keep shoppers in-store with self-service coin counters

As more consumers seek convenient ways to purchase food and eat meals, self-service coin counters can keep grocers profitable. According to Progressive Grocer, recent research from The NPD Group revealed direct-to-door food delivery services outside of pizza increased 33 percent since 2012. As it turns out, more people are using services like Eat24, Grub Hub, Seamless and UberEATS to fit high-quality dining experiences into their already hectic schedules.

"Consumers want the 'dining out' experience of quality food, but they're saving money and time by having food delivered to their homes," Bonnie Riggs, NPD's restaurant industry analyst, told Progressive Groce. 

Riggs also noted D2D meals fulfill the same need as D2D shopping does, as more consumers use tools like Instacart to do all their grocery shopping digitally and avoid visiting a store altogether. In fact, a survey conducted by Door to Door Organics found among consumers who shopped for groceries online over a one-month period, 54 percent indicated they increased their amount of digital shopping.

Self-service coin counters provide convenience

Ultimately, these evolving shopper habits are indicative of consumers prioritizing convenience. Today, families are busier than ever and finding time to complete errands can be daunting. To stand out among both the brick-and-mortar and digital competition, grocery stores need to increase the value proposition they offer to customers.

One way to keep shoppers coming in-store is to provide pre-cooked meal services that mirror tools like Blue Apron, providing added services such as in in-store pharmacy or walk-in clinic and allowing them to reserve or purchase items online before visiting the physical location. However, stores can go above and beyond by doing more than just selling food. For instance, offering self-service coin counters in retail locations is a way to provide shoppers with an added service and convenience that helps them avoid making another stop at a bank or other merchant.

Additionally, self-service coin counters can potentially increase sales within the store, because shoppers are likely to use their converted cash on items they need from that particular location. Ultimately, this technology helps grocery store owners earn more money while simultaneously serving customers better and providing them the speed and convenience they seek through various shopping experiences. This is particularly important considering the rise in digital behaviors surrounding meals and shopping, and retailers can maintain the value of their physical locations to customers by providing technologies that create conveniences.

March 31, 2016