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Innovation critical in business today

Businesses are constantly striving to remain competitive and provide clients with the most up-to-date and efficient products and services. Without striving to remain at the forefront of technological innovations and consumer needs, a company may fail to satisfy its clients and find itself falling behind the competition.

Innovation critical, especially when it comes to helping businesses manage cash
When it comes to any product that helps a business manage its cash flow and speed along processes, entrepreneurs constantly seek the best and most innovative solutions. Coin and cash counting and check processing solutions are critical to a company's daily operations, and having the most efficient and accurate counters is essential to a firm's bottom line. That's why it comes as no surprise one of the major players in the business, Cummins Allison, was named one of the most innovative firms in the Chicago area, according to Crain's Eureka Index.

Many businesses appear to be stepping up their innovation and filing more patents for the latest advancements. According to Crain's Chicago Business, of the 250,000 patents issued last year, 4,345 were granted to companies in Illinois. This represents a 14 percent jump when compared to the prior year.

The Eureka Index took into account patent filings of Chicago companies, judging quantity as well as quality. Cummins Allison filed 10 patents last year, with a quality score of 160, the highest ranking of any company that made the index.

Businesses looking for the latest cash and deposit management solutions shouldn't settle, especially considering cash flow is critical to their operations. Instead, they should turn to the experts at Cummins Allison to help them determine which solutions can help them optimize processes and manage cash and checks in a more efficient manner.

May 8, 2013