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Increase operational efficiency at casinos with advanced technology

Making the most of an employee workforce is an especially important goal for casino owners who experience unpredictable shifts in business activity. Gaming companies that invest in multi-pocket ticket and currency sorters have unique opportunities to save time performing complex backroom processes. As casinos respond to sudden upswings in activity, increasing the efficiency of daily operations is a must.

According to Providence Journal, a newspaper published in Providence, R.I., local casinos have benefited from recent delays in new legislation approved in Massachusetts to allow regulated gambling in the neighboring state. Many industry experts expected the new law would have a detrimental effect on gaming businesses in Rhode Island. However, regulatory red tape has actually had the opposite effect.

In fact, two of the state's casinos are expected to generate more than $300 million by the end of fiscal year 2014. The Boston Globe said the legislation in Massachusetts that paved the way for in-state gambling has failed to produce substantial competition among developers. In the mean time, gamblers and gaming enthusiasts continue to flock to destinations in Rhode Island.

Casino owners across the country can benefit from implementing advanced technology into their backroom processes. Automated machines that easily count tickets, cash and checks can save time and maximize available resources. When employees don't have to dedicate hours of the work day to manually counting tickets and currency, casinos can ultimately improve their overall operations. 

December 6, 2013