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Include money and ticket counters in casino rebranding

Casinos in the process of rebranding have a lot to consider, spanning from games and interior design to staff optimization, and money and ticket counters should be included. According to World Casino News, Rock Gaming of Detroit, Michigan, has announced the casino will no longer be known by the Rock Gaming brand and will instead be called JACK Entertainment. This change will impact all casinos owned by the brand within the state of Ohio and the city of Detroit. 

The new brand isn't just about the name, though. According to Darlene Monzo, chief marketing officer of Jack's, the new look aims to encourage visitors to enter a mindset of adventure and get out of their comfort zones. Additionally, Matt Cullen, chief executive officer of Jack Entertainment, called the casino the "future of entertainment" and hopes the rebranding will capture the company's progressive attitude toward growth and development. Finally, JACK will offer a new loyalty program called ClubJACK, which will be launched in coming weeks.

Money and ticket counters keep the adventure going

As part of JACK's rebranding and its goal of progressiveness and desire to ease customers into a state of comfort and relaxation, it would make sense for the company to invest in as many technologies as possible to achieve these ends. For instance, money and ticket counters can improve employee productivity in casino and enable staff to focus on more important customer service tasks, which help these businesses keep guests engaged and relaxed. 

Money and ticket counters don't just create good customer experiences and enable the creation of a positive brand image, though. This technology also makes casinos more efficient and allows them to save money on staff hours, encourage further spending from guests and even eliminate some of the heavy costs associated with ticket storage. With the right machine, casinos have the capability to process mixed tickets and cash quickly and simultaneously.

In the modern world, rebranding efforts are simply ineffective if operational efficiencies and the customer experience are not top of mind.

April 15, 2016