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Improve casino efficiency with money and ticket counters

Improve casino efficiency with money and ticket counters

Efficiency is a vital part of casino operations, and deploying money and ticket counters can go great lengths toward ensuring correct cash counts while freeing resources and making personnel available for other jobs.

Cost-cutting for backroom protocols
According to a Casino Journal report, many casino operators are looking to streamline backroom efficiency and are turning to new technology to do so. Expediting cash handling and processing can be done faster and more easily using machines as opposed to manpower. Companies are working to provide casinos with the best technology available to keep pace with the changing dynamic of the industry.

Because new money and ticket counters are so fast and effective, utilizing the time-consuming and plodding methods of the past no longer makes sense. For example, the Cummins Allison JetScan iFX  series has revolutionized the backroom experience for casino operators, according to Cummins Allison Vice-President Bob Gibson.

"Whether it is smaller batch sorting and counting in the cage area, in the banks,or in the soft count room, today's currency handling solutions can streamline the process for faster and more accurate results," said Gibson. "With an all-inclusive currency processing solution, casinos can not only prepare their deposits quickly and easily, but they can also archive and manage their check images, process currency and even process and image tickets - all on one machine."

Along with the time factor, there are space-saving components to deploying money counters. Machines with multiple pockets, strappers and software for ticket reconciling are part of what these new technological marvels do when deployed in a casino backroom operation.

Making better use of employee time and allowing key resources to be more active with customer relations is what money and ticket counters are designed to do. Up until now, all reports from the casino industry indicate that deployment of the machines across the sector has made and will continue to make a big difference.

August 19, 2014