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How to promote coin counting machines to different shoppers

How to promote coin counting machines to different shoppers

While grocery stores can benefit greatly from the use of self-service coin counters, offering them to customers is another matter all together. Consumers are extremely segmented now, with different tastes, disposable incomes and approaches to shopping in play. In order to make the most of these machines, supermarkets must make an honest effort to cater to each segment's needs. That way, people will come in with loose change and use the counters to their benefit without going out of the way to do so. Here are some consumer types to consider, and how to effectively promote to them:

1. Self-achievers

Supermarket News said these consumers have particular goals and milestones to achieve. They value health and wellness in forms of metrics and schedules, and are very connected to the world around them through their mobile devices and wearables. For this group of consumers, promoting coin counters is as simple as making it a case of financial planning. Saving their loose change will allow them to make big purchases, such as a vacation or a big-screen television. Have them save their change in scheduled allotments.

2. Grocery gourmands

Consulting firm PwC saw this group of people to have a great focus on food quality. They're not just spending a lot of money on different food types, but they're looking for the best gourmet-level ingredients or packaged goods. Whether it's pink Himalayan salt or Chinook salmon, it's a big deal to them. Promoting self-service coin counters here requires suggesting they could go for a little more when they shop. Perhaps they can add an extra dish such as dessert for their meals or pick up an expensive but powerful ingredient such as saffron.

3. Multitaskers

This group of people often undertakes multiple responsibilities in a given day, and they have one-track minds when it comes to completing specific processes. They fall prey to distractions very easily. They're most likely to grab and go, often on the way to and from work. Promotion of self-service counters here is a little tricky because of the limited attention spans, but that can play to a store's benefit. Simply offer something that stops them in their tracks, such as an incentivized promotion or pointing out they can quickly convert the coins in their purse or bag into cash.

4. Traditionalists

Usually an older cohort of Americans, these consumers are constantly on the look out for savings. They like familiarity, and they probably value the money they have. They often go to the grocery store on a fairly limited basis, turning the shopping experience into an event of sorts. With this in mind, promoting self-service coin counters is a matter of playing to their desire of saving money. The odds are likely they have a bag or flour jar filled with coins which they're collecting for the sake of simplicity. While they may not appear as often as other types of shoppers listed here, their use of the machine can be an example to others on its benefits, since their payout will likely be very large.

February 8, 2016