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How to brand your self-service coin counter

Self-service coin counters can be a revenue-boosting service for banks and credit unions with the addition of proper visual branding. According to HubSpot, telling your bank's brand story is possible through effective branding of other physical assets. These materials include ATMs and self-service coin counters. The benefits of properly branding your coin counter with logos or colors are massive. The decor will help viewers more easily recognize your brand. It will also give a feeling of trustworthiness and authority to your establishment. Your colors will be easily recognizable to patrons, so they will be more drawn to your financial institution's services. 

Here are the steps your should take when designing a brand wrap for self-service coin counters:

Designing the wrap

All brands can benefit from effective designs. Begin your process with brand collateral such as fonts, logos and colors you would like to include on the machine. Try not to clutter the image with off-brand colors, picture or patterns. When designing the wrap, make sure brand collateral is located on the top and front of the machine. Logos and branded materials placed on other sides of the machine that does not receive foot traffic will be an insufficient use of resources.

Next, proper measurements must be taken for your machine. If it is still available, look at the coin counter's instruction guide for specific dimensions. Using a digital art program, convert these measurements to pixels. It is also possible to invest your time and resources into a branding company that works specifically with financial sector clients. These design agencies can provide template options and many offer various price ranges. Some providers will offer additional machine branding services for a small fee. When initially purchasing a coin counting machine, check to see if your provider also offers design services.

Printing and installing your coin counter wrap

While many machine suppliers will offer installation services, it's possible to save a few dollars by installing it onto the machine yourself. When printing the laminate, make sure that details will not become pixilated after expanding to full size. To prevent this, ask your graphic designer to use only PNG files, as they are vectorized and can be compatible with any printer. Properly measure each section with your in-house design team or a freelancer design contractor. Lastly, make sure all sections fit your machine properly. If an error occurs, consult your self-service coin counter provider with help for installation.

June 9, 2016