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How the features of multi-pocket cash and ticket sorters can lead to maximum productivity

jetscan mpx 8200 multi pocket cash and ticket sorter soft count room casinos

Casinos benefit from high-speed cash and ticket sorters

In the fast, high-volume environment of a casino, every second counts. You want your people out there on the floor interacting with and serving your customers, but at the same time, efficient, reliable processing of cash and tickets is what makes the world go 'round. With a machine like the JetScan MPX 8200 multi-pocket series, you'll get an innovative, high-speed, reliable cash and ticket scanner built for an intensive, high-volume environment like a casino. It can maximize your productivity and profitability in one fell swoop.

Here are some of the features that are especially useful for casinos:

High-speed processing. The JetScan MPS can process 1,000 items per minute, both cash and tickets. That's up to 66 percent faster than comparable models. The double throughput of continuous batch processing eliminates the need for (and the errors of) manual entry. It all adds up to reliable processing in the blink of an eye.

Electronic imaging. This means the end of keeping physical tickets, eliminating the physical storage cost and space. You send the electronic images directly to electronic storage, doing away with the function that was previously done by hand. You can also manage your electronic images quickly and easily for fast retrieval, audit or dispute resolution.

Multiple configurations. No room for a linear system? No problem. You can configure the JetScan MPS in a variety of layouts to work with the space you have.

In-line strappers. You'll reduce the handling and labor that were required to manually strap your notes. And that speed we mentioned? It still stands. You can start with one or two strappers and add more as you need them. You can also customize with two collection bins within each strapper module.

Any time you can reduce the physical handling of cash and tickets, you'll increase productivity and reduce the potential for human error and theft. Achieve maximum efficiency and serve your guests better.

July 1, 2019