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How retailers can improve checkout experiences

The check out process is a retailer's last chance to make a great impression on customers. The main reason for checking out is to pay for the goods or services purchased at the store, meaning the payment experience has to be easy and convenient for shoppers. Today's consumers rely on a variety of payment options, including credit or debit cards, checks and cash, and all stores have to have the right technology to manage whatever type payment is given. Money counters will allow stores to quickly process the cash taken in from consumers' purchases. 

More cash checkout lanes necessary
Streamlining the checkout process for those wanting to pay with cash is a smart idea to making the shopper's experience fast and simple. A recent article pointed out the grievance of many shoppers who only have one checkout lane options if they want to pay cash. Stores believe that shoppers resort to credit or debit cards a majority of the time, however, cash is still in use and going to be in use for years to come. It might be wise to open more lanes that accept cash payments. Additionally, self-service coin counters may help shoppers count their spare change and use that money on a purchase in the store. 

Offer a better experience overall
It's also smart to address other concerns at the cash register. Consumers like a quick checkout, meaning store managers can encourage employees to be as efficient as possible. But there are other small details that make a significant difference in the checkout experience. For instance, Wonder Branding suggested cleaning counter spaces so they appear nice and fresh, and also ridding the space of any unnecessary last-minute purchase items. Impulse items are a smart idea, but too many of them doesn't give people room to dig through their wallets or purses during the transaction.

Great customer service and a friendly demeanor can help make purchasing products or services a more enjoyable task for shoppers. Along with accepting whatever payment method the buyer chooses, cashiers can complement the shopper on his or her purchase as well as offer small acts of kindness that will help consumers remember their time at the store as well spent.

October 1, 2013