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How grocery stores can improve their branding with coin counter machines

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Branded coin counter machines turn customer change into cash

In an industry like grocery with razor-thin margins, improving and enhancing the shopping experience and giving people a reason to want to come through the door isn't a "nice to have" anymore, it's a "must have." A powerful way to do that is to build a strong, recognizable brand.

Some grocery chains get it right. They may do very little, if any, advertising, but instead make the shopping experience personal, pleasurable and ultra-casual for customers. Everything in the store is on brand, from the uniforms employees wear to the in-store signage. When customers walk through the door, they know they're getting an experience along with their groceries. They identify with the brand.

No customer should have to wonder what your brand is. It should be crystal clear and something your customers will identify with and care about. And one way to achieve that is to make sure that everything in the store, the whole store environment, from your signage to private-label products to your employees, reflects your brand.

One extra service many grocers are offering their customers is in-store coin counter machines. Savvy grocers know that banks are increasingly pulling this service from their branches, and people still save coins and need them counted and sorted. Fast, accurate coin exchange machines can be branded to fit in seamlessly with your store's aesthetic, brand and theme. That way, it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb among your other branded displays and offerings.

It's one more way to not only drive foot traffic, but to give your customers a branded experience they'll care about and that will keep them coming back. And that's what it's all about.

November 30, 2018