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How can grocery stores and supermarkets leverage the in-store experience?

Offering self-service coin counting machines is a reliable way for grocery stores to enhance the in-store shopping experience for customers. Many businesses in the food services industry have faced an increase in pressure from the growing popularity of e-commerce organizations. Because these companies are able to offer such a high level of convenience for consumers who may be attracted by the prospect of ordering groceries without having to leave the house, brick-and-mortar establishments have been searching for ways to gain a competitive edge.

Customers still value the in-store experience
However, recent data compiled by the customer experience agency WD Partners found the best steps grocery stores and supermarkets can take is to essentially keep doing what they're doing. The report, titled "Amazon Can't Do That: The Consumer Desire and the Store of the Future," revealed the one thing American shoppers value more than convenience is a high-quality experience when interacting with brands. In fact, between next-day delivery from online retailers and get-it-now shopping at physical establishments, 79 percent of survey respondents said they they prefer instant ownership of the items they purchase.

Businesses don't necessarily have to directly target seasonal-minded consumers during the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Another effective way to lure shoppers into physical stores is to offer self-service coin counter machines. These are useful tools for consumers who want to turn loose change into cash without having to bother store clerks. However, with the help of effective seasonal displays, grocery stores have the opportunity to encourage these customers to spend time browsing the aisles and ultimately make more purchases.

December 3, 2013