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How can dual-purpose cash and check scanners help manage employee turnover?

Productivity tools like dual-purpose cash and check scanners make it easier for businesses to make transitions as smooth as possible during periods of employee turnover.

Thanks to improvements in the U.S. economy, many individuals have more confidence about their prospects for finding employment. That means managers can expect higher turnover rates than they may be used to seeing. That trend is especially true in the hospitality industry. The National Restaurant Association cited data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' Job Openings and Labor Turnover Program, which found the rate of hospitality industry employees leaving their current positions surpassed 70 percent in 2015. The rate has increased steadily for five consecutive years.

According to the National Restaurant Association, the higher turnover rate is a direct result of people feeling more comfortable leaving their current place of employment to take advantage of better opportunities. In the years immediately following the Great Recession, job prospects were much lower, so individuals were more likely to hold on to their positions.

Dual-purpose cash and check scanners ensure accuracy, efficiency

Such news is good for the average worker, but it creates a unique challenge for businesses that need to ensure their back-office processes continue to run smoothly. Having to constantly train new employees costs money and takes valuable time. From a management perspective, leadership also must prepare themselves from questions from other staff when key members of the team move on to jobs at other companies, wrote Marty Fukuda, chief operating officer of N2 Publishing, in Entrepreneur. People who stick around may be especially concerned about the ability to continue operating a normal pace.

Automated technology is especially helpful in alleviating employee concerns about the impacts of turnover. Businesses that rely heavily on cash and checks from customers are often responsible for time-consuming manual tasks at the end of the day to make sure everything is in order. Optimizing this process with a dual-purpose cash and check scanner eliminates the room for error and ensures a smoother transition when employees leave.

This alleviates many of the challenges managers face in making sure businesses maintain steady productivity levels no matter what shakeups happen on their teams.

July 25, 2016