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How branded self-service coin counters can help grocery stores perform better

How branded self-service coin counters can help grocery stores perform better

Self-service coin counters can help grocery stores offer more services to their customers. They give people the ability to redeem saved coins easily and conveniently while they are already making a trip to the store. However, some supermarkets tend to just leave the counters standing near the checkout aisles with nothing to catch shoppers' eyes or grab their attention. The counters tend to blend in with the rest of the store as a result. Better usage of the self-service coin counters can only happen if grocers go out of their ways to make the product work. With store branding, this problem can be easily resolved, as they now become part of the shopping experience.

Making the self-service coin counter brand work

There are many good reasons to deploy branding. As grocery expert Craig Rosenblum noted in a column for Supermarket News, the most important asset that a supermarket has is its branding. This is because increasingly, the location and pricing ties that used to bind people to certain grocery stores are increasingly becoming irrelevant due to the advent of Internet technologies that make shopping from home easier. As a result, people need a reason to go into stores. The brand thus becomes the remaining tool available for stores to bring in new patrons and keep previous ones loyal.

Consumers appreciate store brands for different reasons. The most significant of these is that it gives off the impression that it's part of the in-store experience. There is an increasing interest, especially among consumers, of having a fully immersed and seamless shopping trip based on the concepts of omnichannel retail. Branding plays a powerful role in making sure the customer remains entrenched while visiting the store. 

There are other considerable advantages to utilizing the store brand through self-service coin counters as well. For example, the counters can develop brand associations, giving them a form of enhanced positioning in the supermarket. Doing this creates the sense that the counters are in fact their own products. It gives people something to look forward to. More importantly, stores can use the coin counters in different ways, presenting options in how the cash is distributed. By giving customers a sense of choice with the brand, they become more satisfied with the service it provides. Overall, the impact of adding a brand to a self-service coin counter can be powerful and effective in improving how patrons view the grocery store.

April 8, 2015