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Historic cash seizure shows importance of money counters in police departments

On June 28, there was a historic money seizure in Miami that would be almost impossible to thoroughly investigate without cash counters.

Although Luis Hernandez-Gonzalez owned a highly successful legal hydroponics supply store, the Miami-Dade police were wary that he might be involved in marijuana trafficking, the Miami Herald reported. When informants claimed Hernandez-Gonzalez was participating in the illegal drug trade, the police raided his home and found dozens of 5-gallon buckets filled with bags of cash. These buckets were hidden within the walls and a secret attic. The total sum of the seizure is estimated to be worth $24 million. At the time of the report, the police were still counting the massive amount of bills, making it clear that without machines, it would be nearly impossible to get an accurate figure in a timely fashion. 

Cash counters are essential for law enforcement operations

This enormous seizure demonstrates the importance of cash counters in law enforcement agencies. According to, cash is a driving force in black markets and organized crime because it is mostly untraceable, and its users can usually remain anonymous. Even better for criminals are large denominations. For instance, it is estimated that 90 percent of the 500-euro bills are held by organized crime groups in the U.K. Cash also allows for bribery and off-the-books transactions, and these deals can be hidden through complex laundering operations, as it was seen in the case of Hernandez-Gonzalez.

Therefore, it is essential for law enforcement agencies to have money counters so that they can act effectively when seizing cash from criminals or suspects. These machines will not only save time by quickly counting the large sums of money, but they will also help the agency avoid unnecessary work. By ensuring back-office records are accurate, departments will not have to spend valuable time doing extra paperwork for small mistakes. 

August 18, 2016