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Hiring spike in Atlantic City highlights need for money and ticket counters

Growing casinos need money and ticket counters.

Expansion and growth in the casino industry demand advanced technologies such as money and ticket counters. This reality certainly applies when casinos increase hiring.

According to World Casino News, Atlantic City casino hotels are on a fervent talent search, looking to hire hundreds of employees. Caesars Entertainment properties of Atlantic City aim to hire across several skill areas, spanning from management to entry-level positions, as well as 120 temporary dealer positions.

As it turns out, though, data reveals casino workers aren't as eager to fill these positions as they were in the past. As World Casino News noted, a massive casino closing that took place in 2014 has left many workers weary of seeking further employment in the area. Fortunately, with a few slight changes in operations and technology, casino owners can revive interest from professionals in the industry and ensure their own long-term success.

Money and ticket counters help fill the gap

While an improved economic health is one primary indicator of renewed job stability in Atlantic City's casino industry, these businesses must invest in new technologies and develop innovative operational approaches to retain employees and ensure sustained profits. Money and ticket counters can play an impactful role turning this mission into a reality.

For one, this technology improves productivity and accuracy. As more customers visit Atlantic City's improving casino industry, ticket volumes are likely to increase. Not only do money and ticket counters enable workers to count both tickets and currency in the same transaction, but the machines eliminate the possibility of human error that can cost businesses money.

Moreover, money and ticket counters increase returns on investment for casino owners by allowing them to eliminate the costs associated with casino ticket, allowing them to quickly and accurately retrieve digitally-stored ticket information at a later date.

Finally, this technology has a positive impact on employee happiness. Rather than focusing on manually counting tickets, employees can be hired for conditions that are more active, and socially and intellectually stimulating throughout the casino. By eliminating - or at least reducing - the time spend on a repetitive task like counting tickets and money, casino owners can make major strides toward employee retention and renewed interest in employment throughout the industry.

March 10, 2016