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Higher casino revenues necessitate money and ticket counters

Higher casino revenues necessitate money and ticket counters

Many U.S. Casinos have complex systems in place to manage their large sums of money, and some find that money and ticket counters offer a way to keep track of finances. According to a recent article in Crain's Detroit Business, Detroit casinos recently experienced a 5 percent increase in aggregate revenues from March 2016 to March 2017, where they reached $131.2 million. This presented a 11.9 percent increase in revenue from February 2017.

Detroit has three casinos, which are the MGM Grand, the MotorCity Casino Hotel and the Greektown Casino-Hotel.

The advantage of money and ticket counters

If a casino owner is starting to experience higher than usual revenues, like those in Detroit, it might be time to consider updating money and ticket counting equipment. These modern machines enable ease of operations, not to mention save time and resources. Plus, humor error can lead to mistakes, but with a money and ticket counter in place, a casino owner experiences a higher degree of accuracy, leading to his or her peace of mind.

The JetScan IFX is a top-of-the-line option. For casino owners experiencing increased revenues, this machine can efficiently handle tickets, cash and checks on the same device, improving efficiency and productivity. The device is smaller, which can save space in busy or full workplace environments, and it can also enable a casino owner to experience 85 percent faster casino ticket counting and imaging. Saving time is important when revenues and foot traffic subsequently increase, and any casino owner in any part of the country can benefit from a more accurate, modern money and ticket counter.

Don't let business success stifle future growth. With a money and ticket counter, employees aren't burdened with manually counting tickets and cash, allowing them to focus on that increasing number of patrons.

May 19, 2017