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Health-conscious shoppers could make more cash payments

Grocery stores across the country have addressed the demand for healthier products as consumers grow more health conscious but they may not yet have noticed a change in how shoppers pay for these items. Research indicates customers purchase more healthy items when they use cash. Even though credit cards are a popular payment method, the benefits of using currency may be too great for consumers to ignore when they're shopping for groceries.

Spending cash has its benefits for consumers
It's well documented that those who pay with cash tend to spend less, and according to a 2010 study, those who use banknotes to make purchases also are less prone to impulse buying and tossing unhealthy items into their cart at the grocery store. Research revealed consumers who used credit or debit cards to purchase food were prone to making unplanned purchases and less healthy choices than their cash-paying counterparts. 

This information could lead more consumers to use cash for a variety of reasons. As the economy is still struggling to fully recover, many Americans are still out of work and therefore on strict household budgets. Choosing to pay cash at the supermarket may help them stop making any unnecessary transactions, limiting the amount they spend on food and potentially saving them a significant amount of money in the long run. Others could decide to pay with cash because of growing health concerns. With more people than ever now suffering the effects of obesity and many individuals concerned about healthy eating, some customers may choose to use cash to keep up with their diet goals. Using cash rather than credit or debit cards could help some shoppers stay focused on the essentials - like fruits, vegetables and whole grains - rather than potato chips and candy.

As more people look to improve their eating habits and stick to set budgets, supermarkets could notice a growing number of consumers completing transactions with cash, a sign a store may need to improve its cash handling policies and ensure it has the most effective and efficient counting technology available. Without the right cash counting machine, a grocer could spend more time manually counting bills and be forced to spend less time assisting consumers and enhancing their opinion of the business. 

April 24, 2013