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Growth of winter farmer's markets highlights need for cash counters

Cash is typically the preferred method of transaction at farmer's markets around the nation. While the winter season often limits crop production in most regions of the U.S., recent data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture suggests indoor markets that take place during fall, winter and spring are growing at a rapid pace. To make sure money-counting operations are as efficient as possible year round, farmers can invest in cash counter machines.

The USDA reported there were 1,864 registered winter farmer's markets in 2012, a 52 percent increase when compared to the previous year. However, the organization attributed this widespread growth to the fact that food producers are utilizing more innovative agricultural techniques to grow and harvest crops. In the past, many farmers experienced a sharp decline in revenue during the winter months. Now, year-round profitability is almost a given as winter market options provide more opportunities for producers to sell goods to local communities. The USDA also recently launched a grant program designed to help towns throughout the U.S. develop advanced marketing campaigns that encourage residents to attend farmer's markets in the winter.

Even in places like Connecticut, which typically have short growing seasons, farmers are already experiencing improvements in year-round business success. In fact, Ridgefield's Hamlet Hub, an online news resource based in Ridgefield, Conn., recently reported Fairfield County set an all-time record this year with six different winter farmer's market options for local residents.

Vendors at produce markets often generate large amounts of cash after a day's worth of selling goods directly to shoppers. Investing in a high-quality cash counter machine can make it much easier for these small businesses to save valuable time and overhead costs when counting daily income. Agricultural producers are often have a variety of other responsibilities, which makes the prospect of saving time performing backroom financial processes all the more beneficial.

December 3, 2013