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Gaming businesses save costs with dual purpose money and ticket counters

Gaming businesses save costs with dual purpose money and ticket counters

Casino employees can speed up their back office processes by taking full advantage of money and ticket counters. Gaming enterprises juggle a variety of tasks on a daily basis. The need to ensure a high-quality guest experience while keeping overhead costs low is often a major challenge. Many of these businesses regularly offer additional attractions, such as concerts and other live events, all of which require staff members to process and sort tickets. Any technology that makes it possible to complete multiple administrative procedures with one machine will end up generating a substantial amount of savings in the long run.

The online marketing publication MarketWatch recently listed the casino industry as one of the most prominent business sectors that routinely receives cash payments on a regular basis. This is mostly because major credit card providers prohibit their customers to make electronic transactions for gambling purposes, as they don't want this type of activity to lead to financial debt. As a result, gamers are frequently paying for chips and access to slot machines with cash.

Concord Monitor, a daily newspaper based in Concord, N.H., also highlighted the fact that many casinos are competing with other entertainment establishments more than ever before. The New Hampshire Legislature is currently debating whether to grant casino licenses to businesses interested in opening their doors to state residents. Local stakeholders recognize that these organizations may increase competition in the entertainment industry, as casinos are often able to offer big-name attractions at their own venues.

Casino managers across the country will experience smoother back office operations by investing in money and ticket counters. Rather than relying on separate technology to count currency and sort tickets, these machines perform all of these time-consuming tasks within minutes. This leads to cumulative cost savings, as well as the ability to devote more attention to other pressing issues related to casino operations.

February 14, 2014