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First week of NFL season demonstrates why ticket counters are important

With the first week of the NFL season over, casinos should be glad they have money and ticket counters.

The money and ticket counter is an extremely useful tool during a big night at casinos. While gaming halls and resorts benefit when customers lose at the tables, there's no guarantee that the house will win on a given night. This is especially the case for betting, when even the most advanced computer model may not provide casinos a cushion in case customers come out winning big. When customers win and rush to the kiosk to pick up their winnings, employees should be ready to quickly read their vouchers using ticket in, ticket out technology and return with the winnings. Such an approach enables high-quality customer service that ensures they'll return next time, hopefully to lose to the house.

Money and ticket counters important after big wins in betting

The NFL season is one of the more lucrative businesses for casinos that offer sports betting. The 17-week season, combined with a passionate fan base, an expansive number of television and Internet viewers, small number of games to bet on, and more interesting betting spreads present lucrative weeks for casinos in the right circumstances. However, it's not always a guarantee, and initial reports from Week 1 of the 2015 NFL season indicate the house got sacked.

Casino News reported Las Vegas sportsbooks suffered significant losses due to the first week of the season, which started September 10 with a 28-10 New England Patriots victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Preliminary reports suggested bookmakers and casinos lost tens of millions of dollars from a week playing the favorites. Favorites won 9-4 against the spread in Week 1. In comparison, the 2014 season saw underdogs getting 10-3 against the spread on its opening week. With many bettors picking the favorites, it was mostly easy winnings for many.

But don't count the house out yet. Given that it's only Week 1 of the season, many things can happen, as indicated by the Cleveland Browns having to press controversial quarterback Johnny Manziel into the starting position. It's important to remember that the sportsbooks and casinos won $114 million from the betting public in the 2014 NFL season. There are 16 weeks left in the season plus an additional month of playoffs, so a recovery remains very possible. Either way, in the event of future runs, it's good for casinos to keep an efficient kiosk running through the use of money and ticket counters. These machines quickly pay out winnings, especially in the immediate aftermath of a game.

September 24, 2015