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Features grocers should look for in a self-service coin counter

self service coin counter machine features for grocers

Features grocers should look for in a self-service coin counter

These days, with competition from delivery services like Instacart and Amazon Prime and the growing popularity of specialty food markets like Trader Joe's and Fresh Thyme, traditional grocery stores are experiencing an ongoing struggle to stay relevant in the minds of consumers while also shoring up the bottom line.

It's about increasing the customer experience by delivering superior service, homing in on local needs and preferences to offer products that have neighborhood appeal, and creating unique value propositions with the varied services they can provide their customers.

A self-service coin counter (or coin redemption machine) is one example of an extra grocery stores can provide for their customers. It's a way to turn underutilized space in the front of the store into a revenue source, which delivers a one-two punch of a valuable service for customers plus a boost to the bottom line. It's so easy and beneficial, it seems like a no-brainer.

What should you look for in the machine you choose? Here are a few suggestions:

Coin program options. Flexible coin program options let you buy, lease, or rent a self-service coin counter in your store, depending on what's right for your budget.

High-speed processing. Some machines offer speeds as fast as 4,100 coins per minute.

Coin discrimination. This feature weeds out suspect coins and provides accurate totals. Accuracy is a critical component in coin processing.

Debris management. When people save coins in a jar, oftentimes other things will end up in the mix, like paper clips, screws, bolts and bent coin. This refuse can be diverted to a debris cup for easy disposal, preventing interference with coin processing.

Quiet coin operation. You don't want rattling coins to disturb other patrons or employees.

Multiple languages. This is a great, customizable feature that takes your particular neighborhood into account.

Offering varied services like a self-service coin counter is one way to differentiate yourself from the competition and keep your customers coming back.

July 29, 2019