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Farmers market vendors save time with two-in-one cash and check scanners

Farmers market vendors save time with two-in-one cash and check scanners

Small businesses that set up booths at farmers markets can reduce operational waste and save money in the long run by using dual purpose cash and check scanners after hours. The advent of warmer weather throughout most regions of the U.S. means many municipalities are preparing their seasonal markets in which local food vendors and enterprises unite once a week to sell fresh fruits, vegetables and other products to residents. Because these markets bring a variety of businesses together in one temporary setting, booth operators typically accept cash and check transactions as opposed to credit cards. This is often much easier than carrying around an electronic point-of-sale system to multiple locations, but it can also create challenges associated with counting money and depositing a large volume of checks.

According to CNN Money, farmers markets have become so widespread across the U.S. that many entrepreneurs have created successful businesses that operate exclusively at these venues. The article highlighted the business owner Neal Gottlieb's decision to forego a brick-and-mortar location in favor of a regular presence at local farmers markets. The convenience of accessing a large, niche target audience every week has made his Three Twins Ice Cream shop much more profitable than it was when it originally operated out of a storefront in a hard-to-find location.

Farmers are also finding these venues now comprise a significant portion of their overall income levels, a recent article in Agriview, a food production industry newspaper, explained. The more revenue vendors receive from seasonal markets, the more difficult it may be to count cash or deposit checks received from daily or weekly purchases. By leveraging the benefits of a dual purpose cash and check scanner, these business owners can reduce much of the time it takes to complete their back office financial responsibilities. 

March 31, 2014