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Dual-purpose cash and check scanners useful as paper money remains popular

Dual-purpose cash and check scanners can help retailers work well with customers.

With dual-purpose cash and check scanners, retailers can serve the needs of customers better. While there is a dizzying array of payment options for customers to choose from at any given store, the one choice that is constant at every single store is cash. Being able to sort through all the cash transactions that come in on a daily basis can help smooth operations, especially during the stressful opening and closing times. These machines also present the option of paying by check, which can be handy for people who are looking to pay bills or purchase higher-value items, as well as older people who are more comfortable using that system. Given the popularity of either, using these scanners will be useful for the immediate future.

With consumers trusting cash, businesses need dual-purpose cash and check scanners

Part of what makes these machines important to retailers is the general fact that the majority of transactions are often done through cash, even if it's in smaller values than other means. On the consumer side of the equation, holding onto dollar bills is often seen as better than plastic. Financial blog Main Street cited a recent survey by the research firm Walker Sands that showed that 56 percent of consumers felt that paying with cash was the safest way of completing a transaction at a store. This is despite the fact that 59 percent carry at most $20 at any given time.

Other forms of transactions have been considered less trustworthy. About 38 percent of people in the survey said that credit and debit cards were the safest way to make a transaction, but major data breaches at retailers such as Home Depot and Target have damaged confidence in these payment methods. Meanwhile, all the hype toward mobile payments has fallen flat with consumers: Only 1 percent of those surveyed saying this method was safest. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin have got only slightly better support at 3 percent.

Because they're new technologies, it's little surprise that mobile payments and cryptocurrencies haven't shown any potential as a safe way to make a transaction. Meanwhile, cash is holding firm as the primary way of doing business between businesses and customers. A dual-purpose cash and check scanner can be useful in catering to customers' needs by accurately making deposits and easily sorting a mix of bills to get a precise result.

June 11, 2015