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Dual-purpose cash and check scanners help small banks

Dual-purpose cash and check scanners are a boon to small banks.

With dual-purpose cash and check scanners, banks have the capability of quickly sorting deposits from customers of all kinds. While individuals may like to deposit cash and checks at the ATM, businesses don't necessarily have that luxury. Considering companies contribute a large portion of a financial institution's bottom line, there is a great incentive to cater to their needs in an efficient and effective manner. With these machines, making deposits becomes fast and simple, enabling tellers to focus on providing quality customer service. This is especially important with smaller banks that have a great incentive to serve their local stores for the benefit of the community.

Check scanning machines great for regional banks providing quality service

As financial institutions change due to regulations and consolidation, there are few ways to differentiate one from another. In order to best the competition, there is a need to better serve the ideal patrons in certain situations. While individual consumers have their own preferences to consider, what often separates community-based, regional and national banks are their business clients. There is little mistaking the fact that client service will become the most important factor for banking in the coming years.

The Pittsburgh Business Times noted this difference in customer support in a report about the regional PNC Bank. A recent survey by the American Customer Satisfaction Index found the bank, which serves many Midwestern states, received the second-highest score in service with a 78 out of 100. While in second place, PNC's care for its clients was nevertheless better than all of the national banks in the survey.

The high marks had much to do with the size of the bank. Because it's smaller than a national bank, the priority is less on major corporations that have greater demands. Instead, it's often small-to-midsized businesses that are the big customers, which brings them closer to individual consumers. As a result, there's an incentive to offer more personalized service, better loans that offer ideal interest rates and fewer banking fees. Part of these offerings comes from using tools that minimize the fuss of completing deposits with a teller, such as a dual-purpose cash and check scanner. These machines can sort both currency and checks, alongside counting with minimal effort. This gives branches a better chance to get to know their customers, strengthening their relationships.

December 15, 2015