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Dual-purpose cash and check scanners help senior rental communities

Dual-purpose cash and check scanners are vital for rental communities because many apartment complexes or management companies still receive monthly dues in the form of checks. While services such as and are now popular forms of rent management, some rental communities thrive in areas where older Americans reside. These older Americans are more likely to pay using a written check, bond or in some cases, cash. Because of this, rental communities and apartment complexes must utilize dual-purpose cash and check scanners to fully integrate these older types of payment into the new economy.

Senior rental communities need dual-purpose cash and check scanners

Over the past twenty years, ecommerce websites have developed at an alarming rate. These ecommerce websites include apartment rental landing pages and payment processing Web pages. These payment processing pages offer multiple forms and can remember your password for easy payment the next time around. Some websites also offer automatic payments for each month of rent. These unique payment websites also work for communities in tandem with mobile apps. On smartphone and mobile applications, a tenant may pay his or her rent from the convenience of their phone. Because of this, more rental communities than ever are adopting electronic payments.

However, there are still individuals who prefer to pay by check. According to the National Center for Policy Analysis, senior citizens are spending more on education, college loans held in their name, and ultimately more on mortgage debt. These mortgages are only one of the reasons why many individuals over the age of 55 move into small-unit rental communities. These communities offer services such as 24 hour assistance in case of an emergency and easy-access bathrooms and rooms. Because of this, senior living facilities and rental communities are growing in popularity. Because of this, dual-purpose cash and check scanners must become a necessary feature of these apartment complexes. 

Why use these scanners?

Dual-purpose cash and check scanners are useful to rental communities in multiple ways. First, some rental communities have small convenience stores located on the bottom floor. These convenience stores need effective ways to count cash and checks. Thus, a dual-purpose scanner can reduce inaccurate money counts and enhance the speed of business operations. These scanners also work well when counting monthly rent checks, as a rental company or management agency can easily see if all of their tenants have paid accordingly.

April 12, 2016