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Dual-purpose cash and check scanners help nonprofits process donations

When fundraising season arrives, nonprofits can use dual-purpose cash and check scanners to process check donations and keep accurate cash records. Whether it is a small church charity walk for research donations or a winter gala for a famous nonprofit, charitable organizations are always looking for ways to accurately process donations. Organizations such as churches and larger charitable organizations can use cash and check scanners to process funds during  charitable events. Instead of wasting valuable volunteer hours manually counting cash and processing checks, fundraisers and nonprofit employees can use these machines to speed up the process and accurately handle large amounts of currency.

The age of digital currency in nonprofits

According to Charity Navigator, online donations for nonprofits reached $233 million from 45,000 nonprofits across the country. This shows that today, many donations are being made online. These donations are measured using the Blackbaud Index. This comprehensive program takes a deep look into the digital donation capabilities of a nonprofit. However, these online donations are not the only form of charitable giving. Many nonprofits today still prefer cash and check orders during smaller-scale fundraising events. Dual-purpose cash and check scanners are still absolutely necessary for nonprofits because cash and checks will always stay reliable in the event of an online banking failure.

Nonprofits often rely on a steady stream of donations from corporate partners and community organizations to keep the organization afloat. Organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation have partnered with The Walt Disney Company and Macy's for giving each year. The Red Cross has equal corporate partnerships from television stations such as The Weather Channel and corporate retailers like Walmart. However, international nonprofits cannot depend on corporate donations alone. They must also depend on community fundraising efforts that bring people together. In these cases, dual-purpose cash and check scanners are essential for small-scale nonprofits and churches.

Why have a dual-purpose cash and check scanner?

Churches and smaller nonprofits alike benefit from dual-purpose cash and check scanners in many ways. First, they save church employees and volunteers many hours of counting and processing, instead creating a time-saving option to focus on what truly matters. Another reason nonprofits will benefit from these scanners is that they are easy to use and have a long-term value. For example, many churches receive weekly cash donations in small baskets at the end of each aisle. These cash scanners can be used to count donations like these.

April 15, 2016