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Dual-purpose cash and check scanners help local governments manage millions

Dual-purpose cash and check scanners are a vital tool for municipal governments that have to manage physical forms of payment provided by citizens and local businesses. Because even modestly sized towns and cities may have to collect millions of dollars in payments for everything from property taxes to permits, fines and fees, managing the influx of cash and checks can be difficult, especially when spread out over multiple offices and departments. With cash and check scanners in place, municipal governments can make this process more efficient and significantly reduce the valuable employee time spent counting and cataloging incoming payments.

Making improvements a reality with cash and check scanners

With cash and checks both still common forms of payment among the general public, these options are frequently encountered by the staff of local departments, offices and other governmental entities. With so many optional and required payments involved in the administration of towns and cities, cash and checks can flow from citizens to staff members unevenly. Times when popular permits first become available and the last few days before major tax deadlines can lead to an influx of both bills and checks. That sudden spike can be hard for employees to handle on top of their regular duties as well as the increased time spent initially accepting those payments and interacting with the citizens who physically visit the department or office to pay.

The National League of Cities noted generally positive nationwide trends in its "City Fiscal Conditions 2015" report, with municipal finance officers and year-ending balances both indicating a higher degree of fiscal health. While revenue is not where officials would like it to be in many cases, it has grown across a majority of the country from 2013 onward. With taxes, permits, fines, fees and other resident-funded revenue streams a significant part of total revenue, it's easy to see that, in some instances, there's a growing amount of checks and cash for municipalities to secure, manage and process.

Dual-purpose cash and check scanners allow municipal government branches, offices and departments to efficiently and correctly collect, count and deposit incoming payments, even when the number of total payments or amount of incoming funds grows significantly. With increased efficiency and accuracy in place, staff can focus more on duties requiring a human touch. This approach comes together to create a more effective working environment.

September 2, 2016