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Dual-purpose cash and check scanners help fundraisers operate efficiently

Dual-purpose cash and check scanners help fundraisers operate efficiently

With dual-purpose cash and check scanners, charitable organizations have a much easier time achieving their fundraising goals. Charities that are looking to conduct live fundraising events often need a way to quickly count the money they receive. These machines sort and track the cash and provide an accurate update on progress toward goals, including specific milestones over the course of the day or night. This presents opportunities for these organizations to collect more through "pushes" that inspire people to donate more. More importantly, it's helpful when these machines identify check amounts without having someone read out the information. Finally, it's useful when the event in question is lively and action-packed, which can be a distraction to those who are involved in counting everything and keeping things in order.

Dance marathons can benefit from dual-purpose cash and check scanners 

In Cedar Falls, Iowa, the University of Northern Iowa hosted its annual dance marathon in early March. It's similar in many ways to other dance marathons found throughout the country, in that several teams are expected to dance for several consecutive hours. Fundraising usually takes the form of people making their donations in the name of a specific dance team they support.

What makes UNI's Dance Marathon unique is that it doesn't begin and end on the day of the event. As the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier noted, it's the culmination of several months of small events and fundraising. More importantly, it wasn't just an event limited to the college students. At least 41 children and their families were in attendance at the time. All of them stayed at the University of Iowa Children's Hospital in Iowa City, which happened to be the beneficiary of the event.

On March 7, the Dance Marathon went from noon to midnight. Their expected goal was $225,000, which was about $50,000 more than what they raised in 2014. However, they managed to beat those numbers by a long shot, with $278,135.04 donated, a rate of exactly $23,177.92 per hour. With that much money changing hands so quickly, a dual-purpose cash and check scanner can assure that donations are tracked and recorded properly. It also ensures supporters that their contributions are safe. More importantly, it shows that the most essential part of the event is under control, which gives the organizers a reason to relax and cater to everyone's needs effectively.

May 12, 2015