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Dual-purpose cash and check scanners can help avert fiscal problems

Dual-purpose cash and check scanners are useful tools for municipal agencies.

With dual-purpose cash and check scanners, municipal agencies can avoid budget-threatening fiscal problems. Collecting money from fees and taxes is a regular issue that organizations must address in an efficient manner. Without proper collections or accurate assessments, towns and cities will be unable to write up an effective budget that allows them to fund necessary functions such as emergency services, schools and infrastructure. When problems arise, having these machines can help iron out problems before they severely impact a city's finances. That can extend far beyond the usual sources of revenue to areas such as grants and aid.

Municipal collection agencies benefit from dual-purpose cash and check scanners

Recently, the town of Barre, located in central Massachusetts, announced it was undergoing a small budget crisis. The Worcester Telegram reported that the town is being denied its monthly allocation of state aid, which it also calls "free cash." In fact, the problem is so severe that the town has been refused two months of aid in March and April. For a small town like Barre, the money, which amounts to about $500,000 annually, can be a major factor in paying for the maintenance of schools, roads and parks.

The lack of funding has several causes. For one, there has been a large amount of uncollected taxes. This has been partly due to a criminal case held against Barre's former tax collector. Another part of the situation is that revenue collection has been hampered by a lack of manpower. A worker in the department was dismissed after budget constraints could no longer allow the person's continued employment. Finally, the software used to input and monitor revenue from taxes and fees was switched in recent months. All of these have contributed in the failure of submitting a critical form to the state that will allocate and deliver state funding.

While many of these problems were triggered by circumstances beyond the town's control, the lack of manpower is something it can easily address with technology. Through the use of dual-purpose cash and check scanners, businesses mitigate many of the problems associated with having fewer workers. By running checks through the machines, scanning and sorting the materials will allow municipal workers to quickly sort out information as it relates to their business. In doing this, employees avoid fiscal problems and save headaches at the municipal level.

June 19, 2015