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Dual-purpose cash and check scanner technology improves efficiency

Dual-purpose cash and check scanner technology improves efficiency

Businesses of all sizes rely on technology to succeed, including equipment like dual-purpose cash and check scanners.

A recent survey released by Harris Poll on behalf of Staples shows how much small-business owners turn to technology for help. As far as software tools utilized in the workplace, email programs were cited as most important by 47 percent of respondents. Financial management software ranked at 29 percent. However, 71 percent of small-business owners agreed the computer was the most crucial piece of equipment for the business.

"More than ever, small businesses rely on technology to make more happen every day," said Alison Corcoran, senior vice president of North American stores and online at Staples.

Driving profits through technology was one aspiration for business owners. Twenty-one percent were looking to develop social media to increase profits, while 14 percent were hoping to manage inventory better, a process that can be streamlined with technology.

Meanwhile, respondents also indicated they are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency. Twenty-six percent of small business owners planned to focus on cash flow management to make their operations more efficient.

One piece of technology retailers looking to boost productivity should consider is a dual-purpose cash and check scanner. The JetScan iFX i100 streamlines the scanning process, allowing businesses to scan checks and process mixed bills all on one device.

This technology could also be a big help to municipalities that must collect thousand or millions of payments for permits, fines, licenses and bills each year.

Cummins Allison's dual-purpose cash and check scanners can process complete deposits at 400 items per minute, as well as process mixed bills 33 percent faster than comparable models, counting and denominating up to 1,600 mixed bills per minute. Municipalities looking to end shifts on time and avoid overtime costs should take note.

September 26, 2014