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Driving customer appreciation with self-service coin counters

Driving customer appreciation with self-service coin counters

When grocery stores want to please customers, self-service coin counters offer a unique advantage. Competition has become fierce in places like Indianapolis, Indiana. According to Indy Star, the local newspaper, grocery stores are opening in large numbers. The best way for these organizations to compete is by offering superior customer service along with a good choice of the products people want. For shoppers who would like to make one stop and knock out two chores, many will go to a local grocery store and access the self-service coin counter to turn loose change into cash. Often, they will use the money to buy more groceries.

"People appreciate thoughtful customer service."

People appreciate thoughtful customer service, a recent Guardian article cited. The best way to be thoughtful is to do so in small ways that people notice. Inconveniencing a customer by aggressively pushing a grocery's brand is a bad idea. The Guardian also noted that providing discounted reward purchases can sometimes be less successful than simple courtesy and convenience. Sharing a brand's journey can be powerful, and it doesn't have to be in writing on a plaque somewhere. Just offering a self-service coin counter can make someone realize that the grocery store recognizes the simple things people need but don't often think about.

People appreciate thoughtfulness, and when applied to something community-focused like a grocery market, the value of amenities like self-service coin counters increases. In the same way someone would hire personable cashiers who enjoy the job, owners are also encouraged to include items that help customers in little ways they will appreciate.

Many cities offer a plethora of grocery options, ranging from specialty stores that sell organics to more conventional locations. Competition is fierce, and having a self-service coin counter can make a difference in attracting more customers.

January 30, 2015