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Does your business need a cash counter?

When it comes to large sums of money, there's no doubt many businesses would benefit from having a cash counter on hand. As the store is closing, it can be intimidating to see those stacks of money waiting to be counted each night. There are many reasons businesses should have these machines on hand aside from the fact that it'll make the closing manager's night go by much quicker. Here's why your business probably needs a money counter:

It's accurate

While your business's closing manager is definitely good at his or her job, there will be times when the drawer is off or number don't seem to add up. Instead of having to count stacks of money multiple times, or accidentally shortchanging the store, all your store's leaders will have to do is put the day's earnings in the cash counter for an accurate count. This way, there will be no discrepancies when it comes time to declare the day's earnings or deposit all of it at the bank, saving everyone involved plenty of time and money.

It can detect counterfeit money

Money counterfeiters have become so good at their job that most fake cash is undetectable by the naked eye. While it's advised that anyone accepting large bills check them with a counterfeit pen, it's understandable that employees can forget to do this during a busy rush. Luckily, many money counters come with counterfeit-detecting technology, so you learn at the end of the night if you've received a fake bill, rather than having to wait until the bank tells you that it can't accept it. While this doesn't solve the problem of receiving fake money in the first place, it's better to know when you're filling out your books and logging your cash at the end of the night, than having to go back and alter it. 

It's easy

Most of the time, when a store, restaurant or other business is closing, the person in charge has to spend a great deal of time counting money and filling out paperwork. With a money counter, however, all he or she has to do is collect the money from the drawers and put it in the machine for a quick and accurate count. Investing in a money counter will allow your employees to get out earlier at the end of the night, while you can enjoy an accurate count.

January 11, 2017