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Delivering a better in-branch customer experience

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Coin counters and change machines increase visitor experiences in banks and credit unions

The term "customer-centric" seems to be everywhere these days, and one of the industries that needs to pay special attention to it right now is finance. A recent survey, the CFI Group Bank Satisfaction Barometer, found that customer satisfaction has dropped. In order to compete, banks must put customer needs at the center of everything they do, and that means delivering a better in-branch customer experience.

As customers' needs and wants change with the advent of new technologies, the branch experience needs to transform with it. Why go to the branch to make a deposit when you can do it from your mobile phone? Why fill out endless paperwork for a loan when you can get a decision online in seconds? The branch must fulfill the customer's needs of today and anticipate the needs of tomorrow by providing customer-centric technology that can allow for self-service options. Banks also need to have staff on hand to educate customers on the products and services banks can provide, how to use things like mobile banking and self-service account opening, and to troubleshoot any problems customers might have.

One way to do that is to leverage technology to be able to move away from high-volume transactions that consume staff time.

Self-service coin machines do the work of coin handling and processing so the bank's staff can focus on customer service. Such coin counters feature include:

High-speed processing: As fast as 4,100 coins per minute, faster than any other self-service coin product available.

Enhanced coin discrimination: Suspect coins are uncounted and diverted to a coin-return cup instantly.

Advanced debris management: Paper clips, screws, bolts and other non-coin debris is diverted to a debris cup.

Multiple language options: For all of your customers.

Procurement options: Different ways to get a machine in branches, such as purchasing, leasing, renting, or a placement model.

Using advanced technology, you can free up your staff to provide an enhanced customer service experience.

January 25, 2019