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Credit unions switching to EMV-ready ATMs inspire confidence

Credit unions switching to EMV-ready ATMs inspire confidence

A great way to prove one's commitment to customer service is by offering ATMs that accept EMV cards. The Fresno Bee cited data from the EMV Migration Forum that found about half the credit and debit cards in circulation will have EMV chips by the end of 2015. Providing EMV-enabled ATMs will become more heavily mandated by October 2017. At this time, credit unions that fall behind with the transition may risk seeing their membership decline as people move toward other institutions that accept these more secure cards.

"People are becoming more concerned about security."

By installing EMV ATMs, credit unions will be better equipped to attract more members - especially as security continues to be a top concern for cardholders across the U.S.  Having these updated machines on site will likely attract many customers who want the security of EMV but can't find a nearby ATM that offers this feature. 

There's no doubt that people are becoming more concerned about security. By switching to EMV cards early, credit unions can improve their ability to offer excellent service and quality security systems. Managers don't have to limit the EMV transition to specific machines, either. Rather than picking and choosing specific ATMs in the entire branch channel, credit unions can update the whole fleet to accommodate these new security measures. As a result, branches will experience a smooth transition to EMV technology without having to interrupt crucial aspects of their ongoing operations or risk losing members in the process. 

EMV is quickly going to become the standard for point-of-sale payments and ATM deposits alike. That's why making the change early will help inspire members' confidence and ensure steady business at the branch. 

February 3, 2015