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Credit unions deliver high-quality financial services to members

Local credit unions continue to play an important role in delivering high-quality financial services to community members in cities across the U.S. In addition to serving members on a personal level with consultations and advice, these institutions can further satisfy individuals in the local community by offering coin counting machines and other tools that make it easier to turn spare change into cash.

Despite the growing popularity of online financial services, U.S. consumers still place a high value on the convenience offered at their local credit unions. In fact, Credit Union Magazine, an industry publication, recently published an entire special issue dedicated to honoring the work and commitment of outstanding employees working at financial institutions across the nation. The "Credit Union Rock Stars" edition highlights nearly 50 workers who, according to the magazine, have taken tangible steps to exemplify the values of credit unions in the U.S.

Quality service leads to expansion
Elsewhere around the nation, credit unions and small financial institutions continue to expand their services. The Iowa Credit Union League, for example, recently announced it established 100 percent affiliation with publicly chartered organizations across the state. A press release from the ICUL said such an achievement will have long-term impacts on the quality of financial services members receive throughout the state.

Local credit unions in any city can supplement in-person financial offerings with self-service coin counters and other machines. The addition of these tools allows financial institutions to offer a wide array of convenient services to their members.

November 1, 2013