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Credit unions continue to offer great member benefits

Credit unions are known for their member-oriented operations and useful tools like self-service coin counting machines. These financial institutions are focused on serving the needs of their customers and offering additional benefits that help develop the community feeling of the organizations. Credit Unions Online just reported that unions across the nation are opening up new sweepstakes contests for the fall and offering opportunities for members to take part in the incentives. The source says this is a great way for credit unions to gain publicity and educate the public on the products and services they offer. pointed out that credit unions have a significant advantage over other institutions because they offer customer-centric services, such as financial literacy programs, great savings options and college scholarships. Unions can also up their membership numbers by publicizing the self-service coin machines in the lobby for people wishing to count their spare change and put it into their checking or savings accounts.

Because credit unions are nonprofit organizations, they are able to make their members the center of attention and offer incredible perks. Each branch is unique and offers special deals of its own that members can take advantage of and make their experience managing financial accounts much more enjoyable.

October 7, 2013