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Consumers pay by check to avoid online convenience fees

As more organizations and businesses require consumers to pay a convenience fee for making an online payment, budget-savvy customers may instead head directly to local stores and agencies to pay their bills and make purchases with cash or checks. This makes it essential for operations to have the latest check scanner to handle a growing number of in-person payments and process them quickly.

Fees more common and can add up quickly
Credit and debit cards are popular forms of payment, and using them allows busy individuals to make purchases or pay their bills in no time online. However, these online transactions are often accompanied with convenience fees, and whether someone is paying a bill, purchasing an item or renewing a government-issued license, they may be subject to these additional costs. According to the Internal Revenue Service, even paying taxes with plastic via the web will cost someone either a flat fee or a percentage of the total amount paid.

Because these convenience charges can add up to a significant amount, more people may look to avoid them and instead handle a transaction in person with a different form of payment. With the economy still uncertain, many consumers are still concerned about their household budgets and may seek to eliminate any additional and unnecessary expenses, such as these online payment processing fees. By making more payments in person, they can avoid extra charges and cut down on spending. Even if they are only saving a few dollars at a time, this can add up to a considerable amount in the long run.

Coping with more in person payments using new technology
Concerns about unnecessary spending in the form of these costs could bring about an increase in the number of customers visiting businesses and agencies in person to pay any bills make purchases. Organizations that do charge online payment processing fees may notice a pushback against this policy and see an influx of consumers making cash or check payments. In order to accommodate the number of individuals using these forms of payment, operations will need to invest in a check scanning machine, which will not only allow them to process checks more efficiently, but also expedite transactions and ensure transfers are made in a timely fashion.

May 10, 2013