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Consumer confidence in September highest since recession

A steady trail of news and surveys has showed a warming economic picture for Americans and businesses this year, and the latest reading from the Conference Board shows consumers are more optimistic now than at any point following the recession of 2008. What this means for retailers and other business owners is a lot more shopping and consumer activity to prepare for. Equipment infrastructure is key to handling this uptick, and even a second of downtime wasted because of not having two-in-one cash and check scanners means lost revenue.

After August rise, September jumps even more

After recording a rise in August that placed optimism at its highest in a couple years, the Conference Board's Consumer Confidence index for September registered its best reading since around 2008. The index reached 104.1, up from 101.8 a month before.

"Consumers' assessment of present-day conditions improved, primarily the result of a more positive view of the labor market," said Lynn Franco, director of economic indicators at the Conference Board. "Looking ahead, consumers are more upbeat about the short-term employment outlook, but somewhat neutral about business conditions and income prospects. Overall, consumers continue to rate current conditions favorably and foresee moderate economic expansion in the months ahead."

The notable increase came as a surprise to economists, who actually forecast a dive in consumer confidence. According to CNBC, a Thomson Reuters survey of economists' projections revealed respondents expected a September reading of 99.

The consumer outlook, however, remains rosy: the Expectations Index rose from August to September, signaling anticipation of further economic development.

Two-in-one cash and check scanners help handle shopper turnout

Now that more American consumers than ever are optimistic about economic conditions since the recession, it's best businesses are prepared to handle a jump in spending. There's only one way to ensure money is tallied accurately and businesses profit from more money being spent: two-in-one cash and check scanners

October 7, 2016